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【 New Product 】 Maiwo Dual Bay Array Cabinet K35262C

With the gradual increase in data volume, are you still worrying about insufficient storage space? Whether it's home or office, data storage and backup are becoming increasingly heavy. The newly launched dual bay array cabinet K35262C from Maiwo may help you solve this problem. Video editing material storage, home massive storage of high-definition movies, this product can make you handy.

  • Desktop design with online appearance

    The product is compact and can be placed vertically on a desktop. It looks very coordinated with office computers and televisions.


  • Aluminum alloy frosted texture
    The body shell is made of frosted aluminum alloy material, with a delicate touch. High structural strength provides excellent protection for hard drives.


  • Dual bay 4 RAID arrays with 10Gbps bandwidth

Supports the installation of two 3.5-inch mechanical hard drives and supports four RAID array modes. Among them, RAID1 can better ensure data security, while RAID0 can make data access faster.


  • Innovative heat dissipation design

The product is equipped with an independent fan, which is more effective in cooling the hard drive compared to fanless products. Innovative air duct design can create a pathway for wind, which is more conducive to heat dissipation.


  • 12V-4A大电源

Using a 3C certified power adapter, it has been tested to provide stable power to two 18TB hard drives.
If you need such a desktop data storage cabinet, you can search for "Maiwo K35262C" on JD Tmall and purchase it in the store.


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