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How can small and medium-sized enterprises make data storage more secure?

The internal data of an enterprise is an intangible asset, and as it increases year by year, the amount of data is also increasing, and the requirements for security are also relatively high. How to securely store data? Many companies may simply store it on personal computer hard drives or use mobile hard drives for backup. This storage method is too simplistic and actually not as secure.

How to store internal data of enterprises more securely? You can consider using an array cabinet to store data, which provides a higher level of security. If using array modes such as RAID1/RAID5/RAID6 to store data, using multiple hard drives to increase data backup while meeting the demand for large storage space.


Maiwo Four Bay Array Cabinet K35274D

Array storage is divided into two categories:

One type is software arrays, which are built using the built-in features of operating systems such as Windows and Mac OS. The advantage is that the hardware cost is relatively low; The disadvantage is that external devices cannot be migrated to different computer systems, and will consume certain computer resources, such as CPU and memory resources, with poor stability.

The other is the hardware array, which uses hard disk cabinet chips to build a RAID. The advantage is that it can be connected to different operating systems for use without consuming computer resources. For small and medium-sized enterprises with high requirements for data security and stability, this approach can be given priority consideration.

How to determine which storage array is supported by the storage device? You can check if there are RAID unplug switches on the device, such as the Maiwo K3527D four bay array cabinet, which has 3 unplug switches and supports 7 different storage modes.


In addition, some studios or enterprises that do video editing now use materials such as 2K and 4K, which have large files and high storage space requirements. They can consider purchasing an 8-bay array cabinet, with a single disk supporting 18TB hard drives and a total capacity of 144TB, which can basically meet storage needs.


Some large enterprises, such as group companies, have an astonishing amount of internal data, and there is also a demand for data sharing, which may require the use of rack mounted network storage cabinets. This type of storage cabinet is usually placed in a dedicated computer room and can be used by different positions within the company for actual data sharing. At the same time, different data access permissions can be set separately.

At present, some video companies and film and television companies use this data storage method for video post production. Different positions can directly access video materials for processing, collaborate, and greatly save work time and improve work efficiency.


Maiwo rack mounted NAS network storage

As for which method to store data, you can purchase a suitable storage array cabinet based on the data volume needs of the enterprise. Enterprise data is an important intangible asset of enterprises, and it is believed that more and more enterprises will attach greater importance to data security in order to ensure the stable and healthy development of enterprises.


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