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Apple computer hard drive upgrade tool, data lossless upgrade

Users who have used Apple computers may know that considering price factors, they may have purchased a low capacity version at the time. With the passage of time, the amount of data stored is also increasing, and the hard disk space may not be sufficient.

But due to the high price of Apple's original hard drives, is there a way to upgrade the hard drive space without spending a lot of money on hard drives or replacing a new computer?


Today, the editor will bring you a cost-effective solution, which includes the K3016P2 dual protocol copying machine and KT065 adapter card, which can clone the entire hard drive data of Apple computers into the M.2 NVMe protocol solid-state drive.

This product has 2 slots, and the first slot supports the AHCI/NVMe protocol solid-state, which can be plugged into an Apple hard drive using a KT065 adapter card. The second drawer is connected to a larger capacity M.2 NVMe protocol solid-state drive, and then press the Clone button in the lower right corner. In a few minutes, complete the full data cloning. After the success, the data of the second drawer is exactly the same as that of the first drawer, which is so simple.


In addition, the biggest highlight of this product is the high-speed bandwidth transmission of 20Gbps, with a measured speed of up to 1800MB/s. It is also quite fast for daily use of reading and writing M.2 hard drives.


You can use the copy function to upgrade your Apple computer, and the read and write speeds are also quite fast. If such a good product just meets your needs, get started quickly.


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