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MAIWO Learning Guangming District Internet Industry Committee

The party member of Shenzhen Kaixiangyuan Technology Co., Ltd. participated in the first party member conference of the Guangming District Internet Industry Committee on August 28th.

General Manager Gao Qiang, Huang Shaoli, Secretary of the Joint Party Branch of Guangming District Internet Enterprises, Party members and leadership team attended the meeting, learning from the spirit of "network power" and calling on more outstanding comrades to join the Party and learn from them


Systematically summarizing the practical experience of our party's network management and governance, becoming an action guide to guide the development of China's network information industry; Creatively proposing the concept of building a community with a shared future in cyberspace, proposing a Chinese plan for global internet development and governance, and contributing Chinese wisdom.


At the same time, it was stated that company party members, youth league committees, and trade union personnel should organize more activities to enrich the lives of company personnel. I hope that the party member team of the company can continue to grow, fully promote the high-quality development of the company with a proud attitude, and contribute to the national economic development.


Subsequently, the attendees Zhang Mingyang, Lin Xuexian, Duan Liujiao, Liu Qinggang, and Liu Huayi had a heartfelt conversation, exchanging experiences on online power and volunteer practice, deepening their understanding and perception of party members, and expressing the need to do useful things for society.


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